Brave Chef Brianna Will Bake For Monsters This Week From KaBoom

by Staff

This week, KaBoom from Boom! Studios brings us the first issue of a tasty new series (welcome to baking puns), Brave Chef Brianna. Not only does she craft a mouth-watering looking cake courtesy of series artist Selina Espiritu, but Brianna is set to open her own restaurant.
The only problem? Family are too competitive and real estate is too expensive. Welcome to gentrification, Brianna. But there’s a solution. No one said it was a great solution. But it might just work. She’s going to take up some property in Monster City. If she really wants to craft her artisan food, surely monsters are paying customers like anyone else, right? At least that’s the sunny way of looking at the situation. Written by Sam Sykes, this four part series starts this Wednesday, March 1st.
Here are our covers by Bridget Underwood and Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb:

And here’s our preview of the interiors on Brave Chef Brianna #1:

Brave Chef Brianna #1 arrives in shops this Wednesday, March 1st!

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