The Freaky Angriest Boy In The World Is Coming For You – Legion Episode 4 Promo Promises Fear

by Staff

The one very consistent thing I’m hearing from viewers of the X-Men based FX series Legion, aside from comments about the mesmerizing art direction, is that the “World’s Angriest Boy in the World” is giving folks real-world chills and even the occasional nightmare.

That means the showrunners are doing a really good job with that eerily hand-drawn looking children’s book featuring in David Haller’s childhood memories. You know, the one that says the angry boy chopped his mother’s head off for telling him to go to bed? Or maybe you remember it as the book that attacked therapist Melanie Bird when she was trapped in David’s memory, and mangled her hand? No? Well, trust us that it’s the herald of doom in this series, and pretty much indicates that the “devil with the yellow eyes” is nearby to scare everyone, David included.
This week in episode 4, airing on March 1st, we seem to be getting even closer to the Angriest Boy and the devil, too. This may be the final straw when folks begin to realize that they can’t help David, though he still may be able to help them in this war brewing. If he’ll only wake up.
Hold on tight since the Angriest Boy is definitely heading our way. Here’s our extended promo for episode 4, airing this week:

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