Will This Week’s Riverdale Show Us The Beginning Of The Archies? Watch The Extended Promo For Episode 6

by Staff

The extended promo for this week’s Riverdale episode, chapter 6, teases a number of things. We see what may be Betty’s sister Polly in a mental health institution, Archie “choking” while trying to perform live on stage, a car that’s a crime scene, and more. Last week’s episode was all about the funeral of Jason Blossom and the oh-so-weird dynamics inside the Blossom family. Almost enough to make you feel sorry for Cheryl and understand why she is such a variable character in the series. Almost.

But what Riverdale is hinting at most seems to be Archie’s musical debut. In the comics, we have “The Archies”, a band to stand alongside Josie and the Pussycats. Is that waiting in the wings, or will he remain a solo act? That is, if he can manage to play live shows. His first attempt seems to be at the “75th Anniversary Riverdale High Variety Show”.
In comics and animation, The Archies featured Archie, Reggie Mantle, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper.

Riverdale’s Twitter account hints:

Here’s our extended promo for Riverdale Episode 6, “Faster Pussycats, Kill! Kill!”, airing this March 2nd on the CW:

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