Doc Martens Are Going Full Beavis & Butt-Head In New Line Of Boots

by Staff

In a somewhat unprecedented move, Doc Martens sent out a teaser e-mail the day before revealing their new Beavis & Butt-Head line of boots, just showing the now very well known purple couch that the dunderheads hang out on and reminding fans to tune in the following day for a big announcement.
On Wednesday, the launch was official. You can now get Beavis and Butthead docs and the craze for all things 80’s and 90’s has gone far down the rabbit hole. It makes a certain kind of sense, though. Docs have always been about counter-culture and we can now honor our stoner role-models in a whole new way.
Doc Martens says:

Meet our new brand ambassadors: Beavis and Butt-Head, the adolescent icons of the hit 90s cartoon. These two metal-loving lunkheads take center stage on a ‘pretty bad-ass’ collection of DM’s boots, bags and tees.

Whatever I might have been imagining in this release, and I assumed they would be cool, these are actually far more compelling than my imagination was able to conjure.

Look at those dual tones. I think Doc Martens was holding out on us. These are actually quite classy. And nicely rebellious.

So, check it out. There’s another way to honor our pop-culture gods. That artwork is rather faithful and slick.

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