In Town For ECCC? Visit The Comic Shop So Cool It Gets To Be In Pike’s Place

by Staff


Full disclosure: I have been to Golden Age Collectibles before. I think it was when I visited Seattle for a little tourism during the Christmas period in 2015, but if not then, I definitely crashed in and wandered around during Emerald City Comic Con 2016. It’s buried deep in the warren that is the historic Pike’s Place marketplace in Seattle near the waterfront, a series of structures stuffed with stalls, full shops, and every kind of ware from handmade goods to fish on ice and cut flowers. And, as it happens, comics.

We know Seattle is a comics town, with a very successful Emerald City Comic Con every year, as well as being the hometown of publisher Fantagraphics. And Golden Age Collectibles does not let that reputation down. It really does have something for everyone. As the shop’s name suggests, it has a lot of collectibles, but it’s no shirker on comics either.

It carries two large walls of weekly comics (though this week the comics are arriving on Thursday due to inclement weather), and a few walls’ worth of densely packed graphic novels in full color and black & white glory. The shop itself defies spatial sense and Tardis-like seems to have yet one more display stand or case more than it should be able to hold.

So, here’s a big salute to Golden Age Collectibles, keeping Pike’s Place even cooler than its super cool reputation demands. They were certainly gearing up for their city’s big convention, too!


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