Ed Brisson And Mike Deodato Set Up Wolverine Vs. Hulk In Old Man Logan #25

by Staff

A new creative team is taking over with issue #25 of  Old Man Logan arriving in June, namely Ed Brisson (Bullseye, Iron Fist) and Mike Deodato (Thanos, Avengers). They are setting up an epic combat in Wolverine vs. Hulk, according to Marvel.
Marvel are also teasing the return of enemies from Logan’s past like yhe Maestro. Ed Brisson has always had an excellent eye for developing the personalities of anti-heroes and also a stylish take on grim and gritty, so we have lots to look forward to, as well as Deodato’s sterling and emotive artwork.
Marvel describe the plot of Old Man Logan #25 as:

Nobody has pushed Wolverine to the limit quite like the Incredible Hulk. With the Maestro possessing all of the Hulk’s brawns and all of Banner’s brains, will Old Man Logan face the same brink? Plus, the Maestro is bringing some friends! Recruiting the Hulk Gang from Old Man Logan’s hellish alternate future, does Logan even stand half a chance? With his life turned upside down by an army of rampaging Hulks, can Logan prove once and for all that he’s the best there is at what he does?

Here’s to Old Man Logan #25 where we get to see an extreme Logan and a more cunning, calculating Bruce Banner locking horns.
Here’s our cover for issue #25:

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