Over 50 Photos Of What May Be The Largest Artist’s Alley In The Country At ECCC

by Staff

At Emerald City Comic Con this year, Artist’s Alley was moved, for the most part, to the sixth floor to form its own enclave. In previous years it had been divided up and blended in with the vendors and publishers. It was unclear how this would work out for artists–whether this would mean isolation or greater success reaching the right audience–until the con actually began. And what has happened has been quite astonishing. The 6th floor Artist’s Alley has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest in the nation, and the traffic in the Alley has been unprecedented as well. The sheer visceral experience of the numbers of visitors in Artist’s Alley on Friday afternoon was shocking even to seasoned con-goers, and based on at least a few testimonials, artists were making money from this interest.
But in terms of sheer size and scope, it would be a great idea to do the math when we have a little time for reflection. Is this the largest dedicated Artist’s Alley that has appeared at a comic convention in the USA? It was much larger than NYCC and obviously larger than SDCC, which doesn’t have an artist’s alley on a large scale.
Here are over 50 photos from Artist’s Alley alone:


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