Looking At Dozens Of Pages Of Steve Lieber’s Original Art At ECCC [VIDEO]

by Staff

If you’ve ever met Steve Lieber, or even just read his comics, you are aware that he’s an exceptionally nice guy who doesn’t seem to mind wacky requests. Visiting Helioscope Studio from Portland, Oregon, that Steve is a part of, meant walking through an entire block of Artist’s Alley conspicuously placed under “H” at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. An inside joke? Most certainly.
While he was busy selling many comics to constant passers by, I nabbed a giant, thick stack of original art that he had brought to the show to sell–and which is usually a fairly willy-nilly pile. In it were all kinds of original pages from many of Steve’s projects, including Superior Foes of Spider-Man and, of course, The Fix.
I asked him if I could make a video of that artwork, and he, of course, said yes because he’s Steve Lieber.
Here’s that video. If you’re into The Fix, there are some great pieces right at the end, including cover art.
Thank you so very much, Steve.

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