Follow Matt Kindt And Tyler Jenkins Into A Trailer Park Kingdom – Preview Grass Kings #1, Out This Week

by Staff

This week, a new and anticipated book arrives from Boom! Studios, written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Tyler Jenkins, both of whom have their own big fan followings. Together they are creating Grass Kings, and releasing the first issue this week as an oversized 30 page issue.

Grass Kings is a tense social drama, from the looks of it, one that’s being compared to Justified. Boom describe it as:

…a rural mystery series chronicling the tragic lives of the Grass Kings, three brothers and rulers of a trailer park kingdom, a fiefdom of the hopeless and lost, of the desperate poor seeking a promised land.

Wow. This may not be a laugh-a-minute title, then, but it’s also an excellent chance for both Kindt and Jenkins to get to grips with a totally new genre for both of them, and something that’s bound to have intense protagonists, antagonists, and struggles. Jenkins is also bringing in water color effects for coloring, giving Grass Kings that extra mood-driven atmosphere.
Here are some variant covers for #1 by Matt Kindt and Fiona Staples:

And here’s our preview of the interior pages on Grass Kings #1, out this Wednesday March 8th:

Look out for Grass Kings #1 this Wednesday, March 8th, in shops.

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