Humanoids Will Broadcast Valentin Sécher Drawing The Metabaron Series On Facebook March 8th

by Staff


The publisher Humanoids have given us a heads up that we can expect a dramatic livestreaming art even on Facebook on March 8th, giving us a window onto the art in the 3rd volume of the Metabarons series, drawn by Valentin Sécher.
The Metabarons, a spin-off of The Incal, was created by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Juan Gimenez. The Metabaron is the latest story cycle following the original series.
Valentin Sécher released his first work with Humanoids in October 2016 with The Metabaron Book 1: The Techno-Admiral & The Anti-Baron. This live Facebook event will featuring his drawing The Metabaron Book 3: The Meta-Guardianess & The Techno-Baron, then a Q&A about his work, inspirations and experiences, and will be followed by questions from the Live audience.
Tune in to see this event on March 8th at 10am PST, and you’ll get to see this livestream straight from the Humanoids Los Angeles office. Find their Facebook page right here.

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