What Happens When Deadpool Changes In A Phone Box – Watch The First Peek At Deadpool 2!

by Staff

On Saturday, March 5th, Ryan Reynolds shared the first Youtube teaser for Deadpool 2 with fans, called “No Good Deed” and cue microscopic inspection of every detail in that teaser, of which there are oh so many. Remarkably, this is also airing as a pre-film scene ahead of Logan in US theaters, too.
The attention to detail is one of the massive selling points in the first film, and this teaser really does feel like a post-credit scene from the first film because it’s so in keeping with the ethos fans are waiting to return.
Watch out for that phone box. It does make a great place for graffiti.
Here’s our teaser for Deadpool 2, coming in 2018, and heavily referencing the film Logan already out:

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