Watch The Astonishing All Time Comics Trailer Featuring Steve Jones Of The Sex Pistols

by Staff

Well, that’s an unusual leap, but one that’s very fitting if you look at the deeply interesting roots and aesthetics of Fantagraphics’ new line of single-issue superhero comics written by Josh Bayer and drawn by Herb Trimpe (before his passing in 2015), Ben Marra, Noah Van Sciver, and more.

I just picked up my first issue of All Time Comics straight from the Fantagraphics booth at Emerald City Comic Con last week, in fact, determined to get to grips with the grindhouse take on superhero tradition that the genre so richly deserves. The book is printed using materials that will mimic the comics you bought as a kid, with pulpy, soft pages and semi-gloss flexible covers. And the colors will remind you, too, of all that you’ve experienced in hero comics and now stand in a position to critique and appreciate in new ways.
But how does Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols come into all this? Well, basically, according to Hero Complex of the LA Times, Samuel Bayer, co-creator of the superhero label All Time Comics with his brother Josh, is also the  director of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video, with a large roster of distinguished music videos for major bands under his belt. He brought Steve Jones into the project to play a supervillain, as well as others from the realm of stunt-work and entertainment.
So now that we’ve resolved that question, dive into the world of All Time Comics with this remarkable video trailer. I mean, this needs to be a film, right, or at least a digital live action series?

All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer #1 landed this week in comic shops! Learn more about it here.

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