‘The Truth About What She Is’ – Why Wonder Woman’s Origin Trailer Is A Good Move For DC

by Staff

Wonder Woman has long been the hold-out for fans wondering if a single film can save the very uneven footing the DC film universe holds right now, with very harsh reviews for Superman Vs. Batman and Suicide Squad reactions having been mixed to say the least. But every teaser and trailer released so far for the June release of Wonder Woman seems to have convinced fans further that this might be the film to bring back some acclaim for DC films. The world it conjures seems very securely crafted–it has a distinctive aesthetic and design that encourages, well, wonder. A word that’s being used as part of the ad campaign for the film.
But it’s not just the world that has to convince us, it’s the character. And this is the trailer that starts us down that road by revealing Diana’s “origin” among the Amazons, pulling back the curtain on her childhood experiences for the first time, as well as snippets of her coming of age and her first encounter with an outsider. The new trailer also builds on scenes we’ve seen in London and brings out more dialogue showing Diana’s reaction to the outside world.
It’s a smart move for DC to dive further into the appeal of the character ahead of the release rather than just focusing on action elements or big showdowns, which haven’t been enough to gain viewer support on some of their other films.
Here’s our new trailer for Wonder Woman, as officially released on Saturday, March 11th, 2017:

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