Are You A Terrible Person? At Least You’re Not These Monsters From The Devastator

by Staff

The Devastator, traditionally a publisher of humor anthology comics with an all-star contributor roster, are publishing stand-alone funny books, and they’ve released a new volume by Danny Lacy and Mike Levine which might make you feel better about your miserable, misanthropic life. In  At Least You’re Not These Monsters you’ll have a few moments to forget your own monsterdom. Then it’ll be back to rampaging like usual.
The Devastator says: Is your life bad? Hate your body? Bad relationships? Brain all weird? Hey, we all have problems. But at least you’re not the monsters inside this beautifully gross illustrated book!

Author Danny Lacy is a comedian and artist who has worked for Comedy Central, VICE, Adult Swim, and more, and Mike Levine contributes to The Onion, Heeb Magazine, McSweeney’s, BustedTees and The Devastator. So clearly these two needed to team up on a book about the monstrous world in which we find ourselves these days.


Here’s a look at the interiors on this volume:
You can find this book in shops already, but also on
Here’s a gif to remind you why you need this book, but if you pronounce it “jif”, you’re a monster.

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