Boom’s Coady And The Creepies Gets A Surprisingly Metal Lyric Video Ahead Of This Week’s Release

by Staff

This week, on March 15th, a new Boom! Studios series featuring a punk rock band, Coady and the Creepies, debuts. Ahead of that release, Boom have released a music video of the theme song tied to the comic-based band, created by writer on the series Liz Prince and Danny Bailey of the “pop-punk” band Jabber. The artist on the comic book series is Amanda Kirk. The theme song and music video are called “Creepies R Go“. And it is very high energy. In fact, it’s surprisingly metal. And I mean that in a good way.

Coady and the Creepies has interested me for awhile, ever since I saw it listed in previews. Featuring bands in comics is something that’s challenging but can be very appealing, tapping into the universal aspects of music, presenting team-based activities that give rise to drama, and including the idea of being part of a cultural subset that’s not unlike comics. Not to mention comics people are quite often music people, too. But to capture the energy of music and the way in which it brings people together lies in the hands of the artists, particularly, on a comic, through use of linework and color, and from what I’ve seen of Coady and the Creepies so far, it has promise.
Here’s an official description of the series:
Punk isn’t dead…but Coady is! Coady, Criss, and Corey are sisters and bandmates in the band The Creepies. After a van accident leaves Corey badly scarred and Criss in a wheelchair, they’re getting back into the punk scene! But they still need to contend with the challenges of staying true to their punk ideals, while also dealing with the media attention they’ve attracted, as well as the tension surrounding the fact that Coady escaped the accident seemingly unscathed. Now on tour, they’re fighting their way through the (sometimes literal) battle of the bands, earning enamel pins, and heading for the gig of their lives…so long as no one realizes that Coady is actually a ghost.
And here’s our music video:

Song and video credits:
Music: Danny Bailey
Lyrics: Danny Bailey, Liz Prince
Vocals/Bass Guitar: Danny Bailey
Guitar: Stefan Hanson
Percussion: Kyle Folsom
Recorded by Stefan Hanson
Mixed and Mastered by Ron Harrity
Video Production: Mister&Mystic Productions
Make sure to look out for Coady and the Creepies #1, out on March 15th this week from Boom! Studios.

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