Taking Down A Government Contractor In The Era Of Wikileaks – Top Cow’s Samaritan Arrives In May

by Staff

As discussed in Top Cow’s Twitch livestreaming panel at Emerald City Comic Con, Image/Top Cow will be launching new series Samaritan, written by Matt Hawkins and drawn by Atilio Rojo, in May.
Here’s what we know so far about the series: it features a woman who decides to take down a global military contractor as a revenge-quest. She decides to try to bankrupt them even though they are a powerhouse of technology and wealth, and the way she attempts to do that is through going after their research and releasing it to the public. She’s the “good Samaritan” of the title, presumably. Not only do the company want to kill her, but the US government is after her for releasing information they hopes to benefit from. This premise is not all that fanciful in the era of Wikileaks but looks to take things to a new level.

Samaritan #1 is set to arrive on May 24th (Diamond Code MAR170694) and the final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 1st.

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