Image Is Bringing Us A Dark New Sci-Fi Anthology In May – Paklis

by Staff

Following on from another anthology Image Comics is currently publishing that is written and drawn by a single creator but contains multiple stories, Sun Bakery, they have announced a new sci-fi anthology written and drawn by Dustin Weaver. Paklis will contain three stories in its first installment, all dealing with “dark, existential questions that will haunt readers”, according to Image.

Weaver lists his major influences on the series as Kafka, Miyazaki, The Twilight Zone, Aeon Flux cartoons, Moebius and Otomo.
In fact, here’s a tribute to Moebius he recently published on his Tumblr:

Here’s a look at the contents of the three stories included in this installment:
Mushroom Bodies” — Greg struggles with knowing what’s real and fears becoming complacent in a world of human insects.
Sagittarius A” — war hero Linus Rad is on a mission to the center of the galaxy to learn the dark secrets of his dead father’s scientific experiments. 
Amina Cycle” — Tara, a young Jet-Wing pilot, goes AWOL in the war against the Nuriel in order to help Amnia, a mysterious alien with no memory of where she came from and a desperate need to stop a terrible disaster! When Amnia disappears, it sends Tara on an adventure into the Shadow Zone.
So basically, get ready to question all your life-choices, but recognize that your life is not as bad as the lives of these characters. Sounds like a lot of fun of us dark sci-fi nerds.
Paklis #1 (Diamond Code MAR170691) hits stores on Wednesday, May 31st. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 8th.

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