Two New Titles From Retrofit/Big Planet That We Can’t Put In A Headline

by Staff

Well, not without some reprisals, anyway. Two new titles are coming out soon from the indie publisher Retrofit/Big Planet whose books can be found in comics shops, but you can also receive by single orders or yearly subscriptions from their website. Those two titles are: What Is A Glacier? by Sophie Yannow, and Shit and Piss, by Tyler Landry. In case you’re wondering, it wasn’t the first one that was a title search problem.
To start off with, What Is A Glacier? by Sophie Yannow takes us through an autobiographical journey with Yannow as she researched glaciers and considered their crucial role in climate change as well as issues in her own life. This is 32 page book in black and white.

Then, out second book, Shit and Piss, by Tyler Landry, is actually a 104 page graphic novel that explores a sewage processing plant that has been built on the ruins of a decaying civilization. According to Retrofit/Big Planet, “The custodian of this horrid place encounters all types of things that should not be”. This book is also in black and white.

Both books are currently available for pre-order and part of Retrofit/Big Planet’s sizable and growing roster of great indie comics publications with high production values.
You can find out more about them right here.

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