An Even More Fighty Family Reunion Is Coming Up In Supergirl 2.16: ‘Star-Crossed’

by Staff

Watch this promo for Supergirl, episode 2.16: “Star-Crossed”, first:

And now I can say: Am I the only one who always thought Mon-El was the Prince of Daxom? I can’t be. Those flashback sequences when he gets in the transport vehicle, combined with his strangely guilt-laden survival narrative always planted the seeds of doubt about him, even though he’s shaping up to be quite a well-rounded character with some hidden depths.
Well, this week, Kara appears to get blind-sided by this revelation–and it’s going to cause ructions in their relationship (which has been so smooth so far, yeah right) it seems. But even more interesting for fans, perhaps, is the revelation that there are other survivors from Daxom. Yeah, Kara was never going to escape the uncomfortable family meet and greet for her new boyfriend.
But it is satisfying that some of these underlying tensions are coming to a boil to be addressed. Let’s hope a certain amount of compassion can be found in the heart of the woman of steel.
We’ll find out on Monday, March 20th, on the CW!

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