Part Rockabilly, Part Ancient, All Adventure – Look Inside Godshaper #1 From Boom

by Staff


We have new series Godshaper arriving for its first issue on April 12th, written by Simon Spurrier and drawn by indie artist Jonas Goonface. We were excited when this series was first announced, and now that we’ve had a look at the interior art (see several pages below) and gotten a peek at the first issue, that has leveled up to awe and respect for the creative team for crafting such a unique and intriguing story in such a memorable style.

[Cover B by Sonny Liew]

Godshaper tells the story of Ennay, who lives in a world where decades ago, technology stopped working and minor deities replaced the necessary source of agency in our daily lives. They are now attached to particular humans like patron saints and keep the wheels of society in motion. Every person has their god, who thrives through worship, and every god has their person who benefits from the relationship. Except one in ten thousand doesn’t. They are the “godshapers” who instead possess the ability to tinker with and upgrade gods. Rootless, unable to possess wealth or rise in society, they wander like vagrant mechanics and keep society on track.

[Cover C by David Aja]

But there’s a mini-revolution in motion, or at least some revolutionary thought, and it focuses on music. What if we went back to making music and other things with our hands and actual abilities rather than relying on gods to magic things up? It’s a fine line to tread between the suggestion and dangerous social unrest. Ennay is both a godshaper and a closet musician playing “cantik” in rough roadhouses as he travels. What does the future hold for him, and his accomplice, a human-less god named Bud?  Si Spurrier and Jonas Goonface are set to take us on a strange journey into a world part rockabilly, part modern, part ancient-fashioned. But all adventure.
Here’s a special advance look at the interiors on Godshaper #1:

Look out for Godshaper #1, arriving April 12th. It reached FOC on Monday, March 20th.

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