Beach, Sun, Food Trucks And…Falcon Abs For Steven Universe #2, Out This Week

by Staff

Steven Universe returns this week from KaBoom!, an imprint of Boom! Studios as part of their ongoing series. Based on the beloved and progressive animated series created by Rebecca Sugar, the comic is written by Melanie Gillman and illustrated by Katy Farina, with colors by Whitney Cogar. The first issue of the series was really solidly evocative of the world of the animated series, and had interesting and thoughtful elements, so we’re looking out for the same high-quality storytelling in this second issue.
Here are our covers for issue #2 by Missy Pena, Ryan Sigh, and Jenn St-Onge:

This issue is all about Beach City and the arrival of food trucks! Who doesn’t like a good taco truck on every corner? Taking on economics, tourism, and bringing in our favorite characters, it looks to be sunny addition to storytelling for Steven Universe.  Also falcons have abs. Who knew?
Here’s our preview of the interiors on Steven Universe #2:

Steven Universe #2 arrives in shops this Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.

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