Fabian Rangel Jr. And Javier Caba’s Blood Brothers Lands At Dynamite, Arrives In June

by Staff

Fabian Rangel Jr. and Javier Caba ran a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for the high-energy and beautifully illustrated luchador-themed comic Blood Brothers, in 2016, and now the series has been picked up for publication by Dynamite, with a June arrival date. This follows on announcements that Dark Horse are publishing a hardcover collection of Rangel’s various Kickstarter publications with Ryan Cody for noir occult series Doc Unknown, and the arrival of new IDW series with Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Helena Crash this week, so it’s a big spring season for Rangel Jr.

But this book, like Doc Unknown, is going to contain supernatural, detective, and pulp elements.
Here’s an official description for Blood Brothers:
Diego and Gabriel Soliz are two unusual brothers just trying to do their job in an even more unusual hometown. What’s their job? They’re detectives in a city populated by creatures from mythology and fantasy. When an Aztec skull is stolen from the museum, the Blood Brothers are assigned to the case! Blood Brothers is a pulp-influenced supernatural tale with elements of fantasy, taking place in a world where the border between reality and mythology has been broken.
Writer Fabian Rangel, Jr. says:

Blood Brothers is the story of two Hermanos de Sangre: Diego, a hard boiled detective who can communicate with ghosts, and Gabriel, a luchador whose skin glows in the dark when monsters are about to attack. Artist Javi Caba is doing tremendous character design work in the comic, creating a feast for the eyes. I had been wanting to return to the supernatural pulp genre, and Javi loves drawing fantasy stuff, so I figured why not put them together?

Artist Javier Caba says:

Blood Brothers is the comic that I’d like to read. Since the beginning I was absorbed by the story and it was so easy to imagine this astonishing universe, full of monsters and cool characters. I love drawing all of them, because I can dip into all my pop background — old-fashioned movies, novels, and EC Comics — as well as let myself flow and create them from nothing.

Blood Brothers will be listed in the April 2017 Previews catalog.

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