Outsiders, God-Powers, And Rock ‘n’ Roll – Advance Review Of Godshaper #1

by Staff

Godshaper is a story that’s really quite different from any of the other stories you’ll find in comics, old or new, for a number of reasons. The premise and ideas are properly unusual, the texture of the language crafted by Simon Spurrier is intricate, and the artwork by Jonas Goonface will strike you as being amazingly fresh, full of energy, and your guide into a strange world you never dreamed existed before. That’s not to say there aren’t other good, or even great comics out there worthy of your attention and time, but this one is just different in its own ways and makes for a surprising experience.

[Special FOC cover by David Aja]

Main character Ennay is a traveling young man—he travels for his trade as a “godshaper”. In his world, in the 1950’s, electrical appliances and technology stopped working—no one knows why. But in their place little demi-gods sprang up, attaching themselves to people as sources of power and skill. And people have replied on them ever since. Most humans can form a natural connection to their personal god, who only wants worship in return, but not one in a thousand like Ennay, who can’t form that bond. Instead, he has the skill and capacity to upgrade and change gods for people in return for barter. It’s no way to get rich, and Ennay never will. It’s a wandering life and one that comes with prejudice and outsider status.

Ennay has a secret, though. Well, a couple. Not only does he travel with Bud, a god who doesn’t have a human as his companion, he also has some incendiary and very rock and roll ideas about getting back to basics and making music with your own hands instead of through god-enhancement. And that music is called “Cantik”.
That’s part of where the rockabilly aesthetic for this series comes in. Technology stopped in the 50’s and rock and roll may be a kind of salvation for a humanity who don’t think they need to be saved. Complacently growing their gods and power, there’s something missing right under their noses.

The artwork on this series, complete with a vibrant use of color, will take you into the strange world of Godshaper and into the vagrant life Ennay and Bud are trying to navigate, but something bigger is building in this world and maybe a couple of outsiders can do more to connect with humanity than even they may think.
This is a story that taps into the drifter mythology so associated with Rock and Roll, and a whole range of wider ancient mythologies brought into a totally new relationship with modern day ideas. It’s a fantasy world unlike any other, and one which promises a lot of adventure, humor, and even a few big ideas.
Godshaper #1 arrives on April 12th and is reaching FOC today, March 2oth, 2017.
You can view  a full preview here on Comicon.com also.
Lastly, check out this recent Tumblr post from Jonas Goonface:


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