An Ancient Story, A Legendary Foe – Kill The Minotaur From Skybound In June

by Staff


Video game and film writers Chris Pasetto (Sanitarium, co-writer of feature film Air) and Christian Cantamessa (Red Dead Redemption, co-writer and director of Air) are working with comics artist Lukas Ketner (Witch Doctor) on a new series at Skybound and Image, Kill the Minotaur. Jean-Francois Beaulieu will be the colorist on this book.
As the title suggests, this comic has ties to Greek mythology, and is set following the defeat of Athens by Crete in the field of war. The people of Athens are expected to pay tribute to King Minos of Crete by sacrificing their best citizens to his labyrinth and the creature who lurks within. An underground movement among the Athenians selects Theseus can as their hero to try to end the reign of Minos, but who will come out the victor if he faces the savage Minotaur?
Cantamessa says the creative team is plugged in to the ancient traditions behind this story: “Our goal is to continue a time-honored tradition of storytelling and to offer a novel take for a modern audience.”
The first issue of Kill the Minotaur will arrive on June 14th, with Diamond code: APR170711. Final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 22nd.

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