Get Ready For A Very Darque Showdown – Exclusive Preview Of Ninjak #25

by Staff

With Valiant’s Ninjak #25, we are coming up on the penultimate issue on the “Seven Blades of Master Darque” storyline which pits Ninjak against his own past in alarming ways and also raises perhaps the greatest threat to humanity that he’s ever had to deal with. In fact, it’s time to form an unlikely alliance to kill Master Darque. Is this a suicide mission, teaming up with the Shadow Seven, or is Sandria Darque keeping some information to herself? Nothing is certain in this epic confrontation. Written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Stephen Segovia with colors by Ulises Arreola, this issue lands next week, on March 29th.
Here are some of our covers for Ninjak #25 by Ryan Bodenheim, Mark Laming, and Sanya Anwar:

And here’s our exclusive preview of Ninjak #25:

The second to last installment of “The Seven Blades of Master Darque”, Ninjak #25 arrives in shops on Wednesday, March 29th.

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