Infiltrate, Capture, Uncover, Destroy – Look Inside Nick Fury #1

by Staff

On April 19th, our new Nick Fury series arrives, promising “a lone agent to infiltrate, capture, uncover” and “destroy”. Written by James Robinson (Scarlet Witch, Cable) and drawn by ACO (Squadron Supreme), this is a book about the ways in which the world is a “dangerous place” and why we need “dangerous men” to counter it.
Marvel say:
Whether it’s aboard a speeding train, in the underwater city of Atlantis or even the surface of the moon – Fury gets the job done! His first mission? A trip to the beautiful French Riviera! Only this is no vacation. Amid the bright casino lights and beautiful picturesque vistas, there’s something foul at play.
Marvel are touting that every issue will be focused on this new mission with “High-tech weapons. Higher stakes espionage. Non-stop action.”
Here are our covers by ACO, Greg Land, Bill Sienkiewicz, and John Tyler Christopher:

And we have a look inside the interiors for Nick Fury #1:

Nick Fury #1 lands in shops on April 19th.
Here’s our order information on this comic and its variant covers for retailers:
NICK FURY #1 (FEB170811)
Art & Cover by ACO
Variant Covers by GREG LAND (FEB170812) and LARRY STROMAN (FEB170813)
Hip-Hop Variant by BILL SIENKIEWICZ (FEB170814)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (FEB170815)
FOC – 03/27/17, On-Sale – 04/19/17

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