Getting All Hatfields And McCoys – Riverdale Finally Returns In 1.8 ‘The Outsiders’

by Staff

It’s felt like a long wait between episodes 7 and episodes 8 of Riverdale, on the CW, especially with major developments in the mystery plot to find out who killed Jason Blossom, as well as the entrance of the pregnant Polly Cooper as a character on the show.

But the array of the Cooper family versus the Blossom family looks like its going to hit proportions even we couldn’t have predicted–after all it’s been going on for generations, apparently, and our highschoolers are just getting caught in the middle of something bigger than them.
We’re looking at some punch ups this Thursday, March 30th when Riverdale returns for 1.8 “The Outsiders”.
Here’s our extended promo for that episode:

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