Guest Artist James Harren To Draw Two Issues Of Seven To Eternity From Image

by Staff

Image Comics has announced that artist James Harren will be taking over as guest artist on their ongoing series Seven to Eternity, created by writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opeña. Harren will be taking over the second story arc of the series, starting with issue #7 and extending to issue #8 for a 2 issue appearance, arriving in June and July.

The series deals with the “God of Whispers” who has spread paranoia in his kingdom of Zhal, and the lesser mortals who struggle against this god of fear, including Adam Osidis, a “dying knight from a disgraced house”.
The two issue event will follow the Mosak as they suffer the aftermath of the “sentient swamp” and follow Adam to Jevalia’s childhood home. They discover a ruined paradise, death, and a “fetid industry thirsting for more”. So, all in all, this will be a cheery detour in the comic’s universe.
Remender is thrilled to be working with Harren, saying:

He’s one of the most talented artists in comics, expressive and unique art with perfect storytelling. James is joining us for a two-issue story that I can’t talk much about or I’d spoil issues five and six, but it’s a big tale that digs into who our Mosak are and why they are each so desperate to see Zhal freed of the God of Whispers.

Image Comics says that this event will “unveil the heights of heroism in a world awash with corruption”.
Here’s our ordering information for this series:
Seven to Eternity #7 with Cover A by Harren and Hollingsworth (Diamond Code APR170872) and Cover B by Opeña and Hollingsworth (Diamond Code APR170873) will hit stores on Wednesday, June 14th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 22nd.

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