MoCCA Fest Debuts – Ken Wong’s ‘Origin Of Origami Comics’ And ‘Unfolded Tales’

by Staff

MoCCAFest is taking place this weekend in New York City, featuring hundreds of comic creators and thousands of attendees celebrating the art form of comics. Ken Wong will be tabling at the event, at Table F-217 with two new black-and-white mini-comics debuting.
Firstly, he will have his “Origins of Origami Comics: Pandora’s Box” which is the story and background information on how and why he first started creating his Origami Comics ten years ago.

He will also be debuting “Unfolded Tales” which is a re-formatted version of “Unsung,” an Origami Comic that he created a few years ago.

Find Ken Wong at MoCCA Fest at Table F-217 to check out these unique comics.

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