The Humor In Having The Worst Boss Possible – Henchgirl By Kristen Gudsnuk

by Staff


Kristen Gudsnuk (VIP: I’m with the Band) has published her popular webseries Henchgirl as a trade paperback with Dark Horse Books, and it arrived in shops this week. The series humorously addresses what it’s like to work for the worst boss in the world–a supervillain–and having no health care, to boot!

Henchgirl follows the life of Mary Posa as she loathes her job with long hours and low pay, no insurance and no respect.  Essentially, her coworkers are the worst, seconded only by her boss, the supervillain. Then there’s her parents who are, in fact, superheroes! Talk about going against the grain. Mary feels a little conscience-stricken about her exploits, and she’d love to find a way out of this lifestyle, but the cards seem stacked against her.

Here’s a look inside Gudsnuk’s hilarious Henchgirl:

Henchgirl is currently available in shops and online!

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