‘Batman Could Show Up, You Never Know’ – The Saucy Lucifer Panel At WonderCon

by Staff

Taking in the Lucifer Panel at WonderCon on Sunday, I was still pondering the recent announcement that several episodes of the show would be packaged into a few standalone units, and the show would go forward then with season 3 in the autumn. To be honest, following the fate of the also occult and Vertigo comic-inspired show Constantine, I have been pleased that Lucifer has continued to air as long as it has, and I also feel the show improved and hit its stride over time, winning me over more completely in the second season.
The spring season returns May 1st.
A video message was recorded by Tom Ellis and Lauren German for fans, where Ellis in the role of Lucifer introduced himself to “WonderShlong” and started undoing his trousers. But they also were earnest with fans, thanking them for their support, and apologizing that they couldn’t be present.
The audience was then treated to the first 5 minutes of the upcoming spring episode on May 1st.

Damian Holbrook introduced cast members, excepting our two leads, who were busy filming in Vancouver.
Joe Henderson explained that initially, they filmed 18 episodes, then told they had 22 episodes, but instead decided to do four standalone episodes that can “go anywhere”. Inspired by X-Files, they are going to be constructing episodes that start stories that continue in Season 3. The show will also be moving its filming location next season, from Vancouver to Los Angeles.
Ildy Modrovich said it’s going to be a tearful move from Vancouver to LA, but one that’s exciting. Modrovich was in a band called the Heavy Woolies in the 90’s and there’s a cameo for her band name and some of the music in the upcoming episode on May 1st.
Asked how filming in LA will change things, Henderson said there will just be shoots everywhere and you’ll feel the city in an exciting way.
Asked what were the most exciting and newest elements in season 2, Modrovich said moving from Daddy issues to Mommy issues, where Mommy could be present, introduced more “crackle” to things. Lucifer’s Mom is an antagonist, but she’s not the villain, and we understand her motivations, Henderson said.

Lesley-Ann Brandt spoke about whether “humanity is catching” in Lucifer and her character Maze, whether she can become more human over time. Introducing Lucifer’s Mom and her old life prompts feelings about that change. She’s still a demon, but she’s just a lot more aware of how to interact with certain humans. She still “up for torture and destroying some souls” on any Wednesday if that was offered, Brandt laughed. Her friendship with Linda, played by Rachael Harris, is a friendship that’s unique on television right now, and the differences between them, together with “coming out” as a demon to Linda, have resonated with the LGBTQ community, which Brandt is proud of.
Harris said she had concerns for the character initially as developed, that she should not be a “dingbat” led around by Lucifer, and that she needed more sides to be shown. By season 2, learning that she would be able to “get out of the office” as a character was a big thrill, too. Harris says Linda is not “blindly accepting” but once she’s in it, involved in their secrets, she’s very supportive and loyal to the other characters.
Modrovich pointed out that Lucifer is the least self-aware character, so having Linda as a character where she can really “see him”, is very important.
Having Lucifer reveal his face to Linda was kind of essential to keep from being repetitive about her disbelief of his devil status, seeing it as a metaphor. It also allows her to be a “secret keeper”, according to Holbrook. Linda gets to be the POV of the audience, in that way, learning the truth of things.
Kevin Alejandro was ribbed for being the “most improved” character on the show this season, since he started working out and got a 6 pack. There were plenty of jokes about it. Alejandro added that having a six pack and sleeping with Lucifer’s mom is great revenge on him.
Holbrook likes the fact that Dan is not a villain, but someone who changes, and Alejandro added that you get to see him make choices, even if they are wrong, they come from his heart, and an emotional place. Making sure that Chloe’s ex was not simply a villain or a rival love interest was important to the show’s creators.

They’ve been inspired in Season 3 to dig even further into these characters.
The standalone episodes are “different, super weird” and they were allowed to “go crazy”, Henderson said.
One standalone will focus on Maze and is called “Mr. and Mrs. Mazucheen Smith”. Brandt said that very rarely do you get to “lead” an episode as an ensemble cast member, and to have this episode be as “fun and as nuanced” as this is was amazing. It’ll be action-packed, exciting, and full of heart.
In the standalone episodes, one will be a romp, one Twilight-Zoney and feel like a play. Henderson said it’s amazing having so many different types of tones. There may be some musical elements coming up, too.
Some fans say there are sparks between Maze and Linda, Harris said, to applause.
Episode 16 will an episode about a man who claims to be God, played by Timothy Almond. Is he “the” God? We’ll have to wait and see.
There will be further easter eggs bringing in characters from the original comics, but otherwise they are happy in their sandbox, Henderson said. They aren’t completely in the DC Universe, as a Vertigo comic-inspired show, so they get to do their own thing, but they are running around solving crimes, so “Batman could show up, you never know”, said Modrovich.
One easter egg in the series, where Linda says, “There are things you don’t know about me”, was strategically placed and will return, Henderson said. Then, there’s the fact that demons don’t have souls, which they will be returning to, with ominous effects.
Asked if they had Lucifer’s powers of persuasion, how would they use them, Harris said, “Not to get political”, to great applause.
Asked if there will be any more Maze and Amenadiel romance, fans clapped, Brandt hammed, “I do love me a chocolate angel”.
Then an exclusive teaser trailer for the rest of the season was shown, featuring Lucifer meeting his father, God, and Lucifer teasing a plan that they were “all going back to heaven”, but he was going to “slam the gates” on his mother’s rear end.

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