4 Kids Walk Into A Bank At WonderCon – Looking At Original Art By Tyler Boss

by Staff

Visiting the Black Mask Studios booth at WonderCon, it was hard to miss the variant covers, and artwork on display for the very popular series, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, written by Matthew Rosenberg, and illustrated by Tyler Boss.

And there was also this incredibly insane idea–a squirt gun based on one of the design elements for the series.

But the comics were the main attraction, and Tyler Boss had left his portfolio on the series out, containing original art. And here is some of what that portfolio contained:

If you are wishing you had been there to purchase some of this astonishing original work, that looks like Boss never hesitated over laying down a single line, that is the appropriate response.
You can learn more about Boss’s work on his website and find him on Twitter.

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