A Love Letter To Fantasy/ Sci-Fi Adventures – Sword Of Ages From Gabriel Rodriguez

by Staff


As announced in IDW’s panel at WonderCon, the co-creator of Locke & Key, Gabriel Rodriguez, will be launching his first creator-owned series as both writer and artist in October, Sword of Ages.
Rodriguez’s previous comic works include multiple CSI miniseries, movie adaptations such as Land of the Dead and Beowulf,  an extended adaptation of Clive Barker’s novel, The Great and Secret Show, the award-winning Locke & Key series, co-created by Joe Hill, Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland with co-creator Eric Shanower; Onyx with co-creator Chris Ryall, and Tales from the Darkside, with Joe Hill.
Sword of Ages will be a series of miniseries, and Rodriguez will be joined by colorist Lovern Kindzierski.
Gabriel Rodriguez says:
I’ve been daydreaming about this world, these characters, and this tale for over two years. It’s admittedly daunting to fully write and draw a story of my own for the first time. It’s both an incredible opportunity and a tremendous responsibility so you want to try your best to make it right. Therefore, I’m pouring everything I love about comics into it; mythology, adventures, and appealing human stories. From the myths of Hercules, Gilgamesh, and King Arthur to stories from Bradbury, Moorcock, Foster, and Jodorowsky/Moebius. I want to make this my love letter to fantasy/sci-fi adventures.
Sword of Ages features the Excalibur myth from Arthurian legends, and will start as 5-issue space fantasy. According to IDW, Excalibur is a “Sacred Sword” which is “born through young warrior Avalon’s brutal clashes with rising tyrants in a world of fantastic creatures, ancient civilizations, alien forces, and true magic”.
Sword of Ages will arrive from IDW in October. 

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