Discover Silver – A Noir Heist Comic In An Updated Stoker Universe

by Staff

Silver is more than a comic, it’s a dark and interesting world created by Stephan Franck. Set in an updated Bram Stoker universe, we have vampires, we have werewolves, and we have…bank heists? Yep. But this isn’t a whimsical romp through literary tropes–it’s a noir world that’s all about mood.

I discovered Silver at WonderCon this past weekend, and feel like I’m late to the party. Published by indie label Dark Planet Comics, the large booth housing Silver was also stuffed with poster art and accessories showing off Franck’s black and white artwork.

There were posters with creepy children:

And posters with impressive spreads from the comics:

But the original art really stole the show:

There are many possible takes on what kind of story we are looking at with Silver, but it’s been variously described as “Ocean’s 11 in Dracula’s Castle”, “Indiana Jones with Vampires”, and “A screwball comedy for these modern times” so one of the unique features of the comic is heavily noir artwork with unexpected elements. The title refers to what exactly this team is heisting.
Find out more about Silver, which has run to two volumes so far right here.

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