Peyo’s Can’t Smurf Progress Warns Us About Over-Reliance On Technology

by Staff

This June, a new volume of Smurf comics will arrive from Papercutz, the publisher who has been bringing Peyo’s lovely comics to an American audience for some years now. In fact, this will be the 23rd volume they’ve published, but Peyo was a prolific artist and there’s still more to come.

In Can’t Smurf Progress, the industrial revolution hits the Smurf village. Well, a version thereof. “Automation” brings a steam punk ethos to this Smurf story, and it brings a “sly and comical comment on our obsession with and reliance on technology”, according to Papercutz.
Here’s the official description for the volume:
In this latest volume, automation comes to the Smurfs village. Feeling an odd combination of inspired and lazy, Handy Smurf builds a group of machines to help ease the burden of the hard-working Smurfs. Soon, the whole Village becomes enticed by these machines—and the ease of life they bring about. They’re so lulled by their new technology-aided, carefree existence that they begin to use the machines for even the most mundane tasks. Can the Village survive this new way of life?
And here’s a look at the interior art on Smurfs: Can’t Smurf Progress:

Smurfs: Can’t Smurf Progress will arrive in shops on June 13th.

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