Watch Alan Moore & Joe Brown’s ‘Mandrillifesto’…And Obey

by Staff

As we reported previously on, there was a 14 hour “Happening” event in Liverpool on April 1st, in which Alan Moore and many others took part. Along with the event, a special video debuted, created by Megan Lucas, called “Mandrillifesto”. This had originated as a performance created by Alan Moore and Joe Brown for the Northampton Arts Lab but it was newly remixed with extra elements.

[Art by Dom Mandrell]

The “Happening”, in fact titled, “The 14 Hour Super Weird Happening”, was organized by the DJ Greg Wilson and  supported by his Super Weird Substance label. Likewise, it included scenes from the play Cosmic Trigger, a play about Robert Anton Wilson, and Melinda Gebbie’s artwork was also exhibited.
If you’re looking for a specific interpretation of who or what “The Mandrill” is, check out the label Super Weird Substance’s history of the phenomenon and sound recording of the first “Mandrillifesto” by Moore and Brown. One thing is sure–this creature emerged along with “post-rational Britain” and it closely resembled a “dictatorial baboon in makeup”. Interpret that how you may. And, of course, Obey.
Here is “Mandrillifesto”:

Credits for “Mandrillifesto”:
Video by Megan Lucas (Earthboundmisfit)
Staring Alan Moore as the Mandrill, and featuring Youth’s Destroyer Dub Remix of Alan Moore & Joe Brown’s Mandrillifesto from the Northampton Arts Lab
Directed & Edited by – Megan Lucas
Director of Photography – Joe Brown
Make-up – Tamsyn Payne
Featuring the art of:
Mal Earl
Pete Fowler
Marcus Hislop
Dominic Mandrell
Stephen McKay
Megan Lucas

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