A Thousand Ways To Die In The Deadside – Take A Lettered, Colored Look At Valiant’s Rapture #1

by Staff

We previously brought you a first line art look at Valiant’s upcoming fantasy-style debut, Rapture #1, arriving May 24th, but now we have the lettered, colored interiors, too. The original grey-tone art reveal by CAFU was stunning, and convinced us of the claim that the series has a Lord of the Rings feel. The lettered, colored version will convince you further–the luminous blues, for instance, are an excellent choice for a fantasy feel.
Rapture brings together Ninjak and Shadowman in a struggle to save Earth from a danger crafted during the birth of the Deadside, far back in the history of the Valiant Universe. The “lead a preemptive strike” into the Deadside and encounter all the magic and conflicts ready to tear open the natural order of things.

Here’s our look at the lettered, colored interiors, on Rapture #1:

Rapture #1 (of 4) arrives in shops on May 24th, 2017.

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