Our First Look At The Cosmic Interior Art Of Black Bolt #1

by Staff

On May 3rd, we get a first issue featuring the “King of the Inhumans” in his solo series, written by science fiction author Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon) and drawn by Christian Ward (Ultimates).
This is a series that promises to go “inside the mind” of Black Bolt, who wields incredible powers, including a “voice that can crack a planet in half. And yet we’re catching up with him at a time when he’s been imprisoned at the “edges of the cosmos” in a prison for the most dangerous galactic criminals.  How did he end up here and who is behind his imprisonment? Black Bolt has to piece things together before he can hope to escape.
But like all prison stories, the other inmates are perhaps the biggest threat.
Here are our covers for Black Bolt #1, by Christian Ward, Jack Kirby, Paul Pope, and Rahzzah.

We have a first look at the rather cosmic, trippy, and interesting interiors on Black Bolt #1:

Here’s our order information for the comic:
BLACK BOLT #1 (MAR170984)
Variant Covers by PAUL POPE (MAR170985) & TBD (MAR170987)
Hip-Hop Variant Cover by RAHZZAH (MAR170986)
Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover by JACK KIRBY (MAR170988)
Action Figure Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (MAR170989)
FOC – 04/10/17, On-Sale – 05/03/17

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