Marvel And DC Artists Team Up For Charity At Arizona Comic Mini Expo On FCBD Weekend

by Staff

The Arizona Comic Mini Expo (ACME) have announced that they have a big combined event coming up in conjunction with their local Drink & Draw organization in Phoenix, that will bring Marvel and DC artists together on the eve of the ACME show and Free Comic Book Day.

The event will take place Friday, May 5th from 7pm-10pm at Bonus Round, an arcade bar located just west of Central on Camelback in Phoenix. Professional comic book artists Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Mitch Gerads and Scott Godlewski will join other creators in providing sketches in exchange for donations.

Fans will have a chance to have a drink with their favorite artists, play classic arcade games, and get some original artwork while knowing that their donations are going to charitable causes. The donations raised from the event will be split between The Hero Initiative, a charity that specializes in helping comic book creators in need, and the ACLU of Arizona.

The Arizona Comic Mini Expo has  been running for over 5 years in conjunction with local shop Samurai Comics to bring comic book creators to the Phoenix area to take part in Free Comic Book Day with fans. This will, however, be the first year they have held a Drink & Draw charity event.

ACME founder and comic creator Ryan Cody says:

These two charities hold a lot of meaning for me personally. Many older comic book creators do not have pensions or a 401k and when they find themselves in need of medical and living expenses, the Hero Initiative is there to help. They gave us so much, it’s imperative we try and give back to them. The rights of all individuals is another cause we should all support, so that’s why we’re giving to the ACLU of Arizona as well. I hope we have a great crowd turn out on Friday May 5th at Bonus Round and I know we’ll have fun and raise some money while we’re doing it.

The Arizona Comic Mini Expo is sponsored by Samurai Comics, Bonus Round, NCT Phoenix, 3Monkeys Print and Design and Cheba Hut of Mesa. You can find out more about ACME right here.

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