Meet Crimson Mulch In Papercutz’ New Trailer For OGN Stitched

by Staff

We previously ran a preview on of the upcoming original graphic novel Stitched which will kick off Papercutz’ new line of books called Charmz, to quite a fan reaction. The book, written by Mariah McCourt and drawn by Aaron Alexovich, is really visually appealing, and intriguing in the unfolding mystery of its plot.

The story focuses on Crimson Volania Mulch, who wakes up to a life she doesn’t recognize and moves through a rather gothic world in the “Cemetary of Assumptions” to find out who and what she is. Seeking knowledge of her parentage, and driven by quite a strong will, Crimson meets new friends along the way, including the witch Parameter, and two boys, Simon and Quinton. Battling ghosts, zombies, and monsters, Crimson learns life is about struggle, and so is solving her own mystery.
Papercutz have released a trailer to introduce you to Crimson:

Stitched arrives in shops on May 2nd, 2017.

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