A Rocket & Groot Style Horror Mash-Up You Can Only Get Until April 30th

by Staff

We’ve run articles about Akumu Ink before, a company that presents cute and gothy takes on classic designs and elements from literature, film, and pop culture. Currently, they have a new design available, but only until April 30th, which you can get as a t-shirt, a mug, and a poster.
And it’s a horror-style Rocket & Groot mash-up called “On the Attack” that will make you go “aww” even as it strikes fear into your heart. It will also make you remember that Rocket is, in fact, always trying to “murder” people in the comics. For real.
Check it out:

Other spring styles from Akumu Ink include “Creep the Clown” and “Immortal Companion”:

Find out more about Akumu Ink on their website, including more about their frequent convention appearances.

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