The Inhuman Resistance Fights Back – Our First Look At Secret Warriors #1

by Staff

As Hydra rises in the Marvel Universe, led by Captain America, the Inhumans are all in danger, but some aren’t hiding. Agent Daisy Johnson aka Quake takes the lead in building a team to stand up to the Secret Empire. Rallying Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur, Karnak, and Inferno, Quake forms the Secret Warriors, arriving on May 10th.
Written by Matthew Rosenberg (Kingpin, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Rocket Raccoon) and drawn by Javier Garron (Inhumans Vs. X-Men, Death of X), Secret Warriors is one of those classic tales of underdogs standing up against massive odds, and showing not only what they are made of, but the flaws in the oppressive powers they are fighting.
Here are our covers for Secret Warriors #1 by Tradd Moore, David Nakayama, Robbi Rodriguez, and Marco D’Alfonso:

And our first look at the interiors:

And here’s our order information for Secret Warriors #1, arriving May 10th:
Variant Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA (MAR170932)
Variant Cover by ROBBI RODRIGUEZ (MAR170933)
Hip-Hop Variant by MARCO D’ALFONSO (MAR170934)
FOC – 04/17/17, On-Sale – 5/10/17

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