Bitch Planet Becomes An Even More Satire-Driven Anthology Series In June

by Staff

The Image-published series Bitch Planet is spinning out into an anthology format called “Triple Feature” this summer, carrying “satirical stories” and created by a new wave of talent. As the title suggests, each issue will contain three stories set in the same universe as the original Bitch Planet series, which was originally written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and drawn by Valentine D’Landro.

The first issue will contain Windows, by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Maria Fröhlich; Without and Within, by Andrew Aydin and Joanna Estep; and The Invisible Woman, written by Conley Lyons with art by Craig Yeung; all with lettering by Clayton Cowles.
The comic is branded with the following statement: “100% Grade-A satire. Accept no substitutes”.
Kelly Sue DeConnick says that “satire” has always been the goal of the comic, but she has realized they need to tune the contents a little more firmly in that direction:

For me, the most fascinating thing about working on the anthology has been that very few of the initial pitches that came in were satirical. Most were heavy (tonally) and very straight-forward, which made me reconsider our approach to the main title—because these young people were pitching based on what they perceived our tone to be. We got there—some of them are so on point that I’m jealous!—but the fact that we had to develop to get to satire tells me that we haven’t been hitting our mark on the main title and that we will need to push harder going forward.

She adds: “Satire is difficult. And it’s particularly tough to sustain long-form. So that’s at the forefront of my mind right now. I love this book. I wish we’d done it sooner.”
Contributor Conley Lyons says:

As a fiction writer, this is my first time working in comics. Writing for the Bitch Planet universe is thrilling, especially since I get to team up with such a hands-on, experienced crew. Kelly Sue, Val, Craig, and the Milkfed team have been so welcoming. I can’t wait to show off our hard work.

Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1 (Diamond code: APR170731) will arrive on Wednesday, June 14.
The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 22nd.

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