Shea Fontana Of DC Super Hero Girls Will Write Wonder Woman This Summer

by Staff


DC have announced that Shea Fontana, the writer on DC Super Hero Girls, will be taking on duties for a five issue Wonder Woman arc this summer within DC’s main Wonder Woman bimonthly title.
As the writer of the OGN DC Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis, which has been a New York Times Best-seller, as well as subsequent volumes, and also as the writer of animated shorts and the first DC Super Hero Girls animated movie, Fontana definitely understands the bedrock of the Wonder Woman character.
Fontana says:

Having worked on DC Super Hero Girls for the last few years, I have a great sense of Wondy, a teenage Wonder Woman in a high school setting, and it’s an honor and an adrenaline rush to be writing her now ‘all grown up. Many of her core characteristics continue to remain routed in peace, justice and equality, but as an adult she’s seen a lot more war and tragedy, and is dealing with her world from a wiser, more experienced point of view.

DC are teasing that Fontana will be introducing a new villain in this arc of Wonder Woman, someone who “seeks to prove that Amazon DNA could change the world” and wants to capture Wonder Woman, “dead or alive”. How Wonder Woman handles this situation will, of course, be a test of her character.
Artists on this arc will be, firstly, Mirka Andolfo of DC Comics: Bombshells in the month of July, and subsequent artists haven’t been announced yet. Fontana describes Mirka as an artist who can capture “the complexity of the characters’ emotions” while “maintaining a clear focus on the evolving relationships between characters”.
Wonder Woman #26 and #27 will arrive in stores on July 12th and July 26th. Here’s a look at Jesus Merino’s cover for issue #26, and we can look forward to variant covers by Jenny Frison as well:

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