The Avenger Returns To Dynamite With ‘Faces Of Justice’ By Higgins, Gentile, Shibao

by Staff

Dynamite has announced a new series for Justice, Inc.: The Avenger  running for 6 issues in the miniseries Faces of Justice. Written by Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Magnus, Nightwing, Batman Eternal, Hadrian’s Wall) and Joe Gentile (Zorro, The Green Hornet), with art by Alexandre Shibao (Independence Day), and arriving in July, Justice Inc.: The Avenger – Faces of Justice will be timed for summer reading.

Here’s our plot description for this new series:
When the FBI discovers evidence that incriminates Richard Benson in a brutal murder, the Avenger finds himself arrested and subjected to an intense investigation by the Bureau’s best agents! Now the Justice, Inc. team must spring into action to save their leader, and discover if there’s a sinister plot at play; or could the Avenger actually be guilty of such a heinous crime?
Writer Kyle Higgins says:

The Avenger is one of those great, classic pulp characters who has both an incredibly rich history as well as a long list of modern superheroes who owe their creative inspiration to him. I love pulp, noir, and superheroes, so when Dynamite asked if I’d have any interest in telling a new Avenger story, it was a pretty easy sell for me.

Higgins has worked with Joe Gentile previously, and brought him in on the project, due to mutual fandom for the characters.  Gentile has written and edited comics and prose for Zorro, The Green Hornet, Kolchak the Night Stalker, Buckaroo Banzai, The Spider, and many more.

The first issue of Justice Inc.: The Avenger – Faces of Justice will have covers by Tom Mandrake (Batman, New Mutants) and Alexandre Shibao (Batman/Superman), respectively. There will also be limited variant editions in “Black & White” formats are also available as retailer incentives.
Dynamite provides some background and history on The Avenger for us:
The Avenger originally debuted in September 1939 as the lead character in a pulp magazine by the same name, published by Street and Smith Publications. Writer Paul Ernst is credited with creating many of the earliest Avenger tales (published under the house writer pseudonym “Kenneth Robeson”), blending the qualities of contemporary pulp heroes like Doc Savage and The Shadow, as well as his own creations that included Seekay, The Wraith, Dick Bullitt, Old Stone Face, the Gray Marauder, and Karlu the Mystic. The Avenger appeared in numerous prose novels, radio programs, and comic books throughout the decades, most recently in Dynamite Entertainment’s 2014 revival of the Justice, Inc. series written by acclaimed author Michael Uslan and illustrated by Giovanni Timpano.

Justice Inc.: The Avenger – Faces of Justice #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ May 2017 Previews catalog.

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