A Clockwork Fairytale Is Reborn In Return Of The Dapper Men, With Two More Volumes Planned

by Staff

Top Shelf is publishing Return of the Dapper Men in Auguest, in a 144 page deluxe volume that collects all previous bonus content and includes commentary and notes. Jim McCann and Janet Lee’s creation returns to print to usher in a series of volumes, with a second and third planned for subsequent years, according to Top Shelf. An Eisner Award-winner, Top Shelf’s new edition is designed by the stellar Eric Skillman, and will bring you up to speed on the story and its world in time to celebrate future volumes.

Here’s a description of the story in Return of the Dapper Men:
Welcome to Anorev, a land where time has no meaning. Robots work and children play, but the play is no fun and the work is no use. A curious boy named Ayden and his robot friend Zoe know that something’s missing, but they can’t imagine what it might be… until 314 identical men in green bowler hats fall from the sky. At last, our heroes have a chance to discover what happened to their world, what might start the clocks back up again, and what tomorrow really means. Blending clockwork whimsy with majestic art-nouveau visuals, Jim McCann and Janet Lee present a hand-crafted fairy tale that feels both familiar and entirely new.
This is an all-ages volume, with fine artwork likely to delight both adults and young people.
Check out this preview of the interior pages of the book:

Return of the Dapper Men will arrive in shops from Top Shelf in August and is ready for pre-order.

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