Explore The Mysteries Of Life And Death In A Collected Edition Of The Misplaced

by Staff

The Misplaced is a comic series by Chris Callahan currently crowdfunding for a collected edition, and published by Source Point Press, and though it’s met its goals already, you still have a little time to back the project and push the collection toward its stretch goals. Source Point Press publishes “horror, sci-fi, pulp, true crime, the occult, and supernatural” comics, and The Misplaced definitely falls within several of those categories.

It’s a tale about two souls, one who moves into the afterlife, and one who is returned to the world of the living to try to unravel the secret to immortality. Full of haunting imagery, The Misplaced definitely takes on art history traditions regarding the afterlife, the influence of the past on our concepts of life and death, and pushes comics into a new art-text relationship at times.
Here’s a look at some of the covers for the four issues of The Misplaced that will be placed in this collection:

And here’s a look at some of the interior artwork, too:

Check out this trailer for The Misplaced, and consider backing this campaign, which closes on Friday, April 28th:

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