Dark Horse Announces Illustrated Swedish Prose Anthology – The Dark North

by Staff


Dark Horse and Charles Wood Publishing AB are teaming up to publish  a book that was originally crowdfunded in 2016, and consists of illustrated prose with art-book aspects, The Dark North. It contains five stories from Sweden, ranging from Norse mythology to modern “apocalyptic science fiction” and fantasy.

The same writer composed all five tales, Martin Dunelind and The Dark North showcases artwork by Scandinavia’s leading illustrators and concept artists, according to Dark Horse, including Peter Bergting (Baltimore: The Red Kingdom), Henrik Pettersson (concept artist on Minecraft at Mojang), Joakim Ericsson (concept artist at Starbreeze Studios), Magnus Olsson (Neotech RPG), and Lukas Thelin (Western RPG, Lone Wolf RPG). Lukas Thelin is also the cover artist and the book contains a foreword by Clive Barker.

Robert Henrysson, one of the original project’s team, says:

We set out to give the world a peek into the amazing Scandinavian art of science fiction, fantasy and horror, and when Dark Horse joined in we knew we had succeeded. We can’t wait to see the reader response!

The Dark North will arrive in shops on September 27th, 2017.

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