Time To ‘Bury The Hatchet’ – Fargo Season 3.2 Arrives Tonight

by Staff

Fargo Season 3 premiered last week on April 19th after what felt like a very long wait, though fans may well have been pleasantly distracted by Noah Hawley’s series Legion, also on FX.
The opening episode was impressively strange and very Fargo, carefully setting up the personal relationships and interpersonal connections that will be very necessary for the plot to build upon. And the opening even had not one death, but two to set the wheels in motion.

Coming up tonight on Wednesday, April 26th, we have the season’s second episode, titled “The Principle of Restricted Choice”. That’s a very leading title, suggesting that bodies in motion, trapped within a limited geography, are likely to be forced into making specific choices–perhaps violent ones.
In this promo trailer for episode 3.2 we also have some quite memorable lines:

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