Seth’s Kushner’s Posthumous Work The Brooklynite Is Now Complete And Free Online

by Staff

As many in the comics community will recall, award-winning photographer and comics writer Seth Kushner passed away almost exactly two years ago after a heart-wrenching battle with Leukemia, one which he survived far longer than was initially expected. At the time he became ill, he was Kickstarting the graphic novel Schmuck, which was then published by Alternative Comics, and is currently available.
However, he left a large body of work behind, incomplete, in various stages of scripting, since he continued to work quite hard on his comic projects during the many months he was in the hospital. Once of those projects was creating a superhero called “The Brooklynite”. Together with studio mate and friend Dean Haspiel, he conceived of this new local hero of his beloved borough as part of a shared “New Brooklyn Universe” of heroes.

The “New Brooklyn Universe” found its home on the webcomic platform Line Webtoon, where Haspiel’s hero The Red Hook appeared in its own series, and was later followed by The Brooklynite and The Purple Heart by Vito Delsante and Ricardo Venacio. The Brooklynite took its first visual form with co-creator Shamus Beyale in the form of a mini-comic, while Kushner was still among us, attending his last MoCCA Fest in New York.
The Brooklynite on Line Webtoon was then seen through the remaining scripting process and also drawn by Beyale in its first 12 chapters. Artist and member of Kushner’s former studio Hang Dai, Jason Goungor, then took up art duties and continued the series to its completion.

The Brooklynite is now complete on Line Webtoon, a platform that works in scrolling comics layout, and can be read entirely for free. We recommend you check out the misadventures of this goofy and lovable would-be hero who has to fail and fail again in order to succeed, figuring out his place in a world where heroes roam the streets and are as much a liability as a source of hope. This cartoonist-turned-vigilante-turned-hero is joined by other do-gooders in a Brooklyn that has seceded from New York and is now rife with misrule. Sometimes the world does need just one more hero.

You can find  The Brooklynite now on Line Webtoon, and you can also find The Red Hook and The Purple Heart there as well.

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